Urban Retreats

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Good health means more than just being free of pain or physical discomfort. It means well-being on every level : body, mind and spirit. 

Health is never static. It is a constant search for equilibrium which continues as long as we are alive. 

Any “dis-ease” or symptom is a signal that is trying to tell us that something is not going right. Once the imbalance is corrected and the need for the signal diminishes, the symptom naturally subsides or gets easier to live with. 

“Urban Retreat” sessions I offer are very sensible and effective ways of correcting these imbalances and addressing their symptoms.


■Zen Style Japanese Acupuncture

Zen Style Japanese Acupuncture is a painless acupuncture style and also way of thinking which underlies all of my treatment approaches. It is very gentle to the patient because thinner and fewer needles are used than in Chinese Acupuncture. It is not only more comfortable, but because its precision works faster too. The needles create and provoke a deep response in the central nervous system, restoring peripheral nerves, dilating blood vessels, and balancing biochemical substances. Acupuncture is able to change the body’s internal environment and then helps the patients to regain their ability to adapt to changing life circumstances. 

In other words, rebalancing the proper flow of Qi is thought to create health and wellness with gentle treatment. It is perfectly suited to people with an urban lifestyle.

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■ What is an Urban Retreat? 

For Residents of Japan,

Those who are living in urban cities like Tokyo are affected unconsciously by their fast paced atmosphere with all of the shopping, drinking and work going on. Man–made noises like the roar of cars and trains and pop music blaring from every conceivable place occupies fills the busy spaces.

And it is not just the external stimuli which causes us problems, but also the noise inside ourselves. Nonstop internal chattering fills our mind. It is not easy to silence this inner noise. Some would say it is unstoppable.

Caught in the hustle and bustle of urban life, the people often forget the impact that nature’s stillness and quietness can have on us.

In nature, yin (quiet energy) and yang (busy energy) are never absolute.  They are never separate and one cannot exist without the other.

This contrast and balance can actually help us to go into a deep state of inner silence.

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For Tourists,

Our clinic is located in Shinjuku – the heart of Tokyo.  This neighborhood is famous for being one of the busiest spots in the city. If you look more closely, however, you will see that even here it is possible to find a tranquil atmosphere because of Shinjuku Gyoen, a huge traditional park and garden which dates back to the Tokugawa Shogunate. Nowadays, there are so many tourists swarming around every famous shrine and temple that it is getting difficult to encounter their pure original energy. On the other hand, even though a lot of people visit Shinjuku Gyoen, it still maintains something of its original tranquil atmosphere. My office is located just off the quieter back side of Shinjuku Gyoen, making it an ideal place to come for a peaceful and quiet session in the midst of the busy city.

In my Zen style acupuncture sessions, I am able to facilitate your reaching a mental and spiritual state which is similar to the quietness of Zen – the experience we were originally supposed to have at a temple or shrine.

Whether you are living in Japan or are visiting from abroad, my office is the perfect place to recover from the fast paced rhythm and noisy atmosphere of Tokyo to settle your body and quiet your mind.

Shinjuku Gyoen
photo : Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden : license


■ Tune in to Your Inner Silence

The Urban Retreats I offer are Regulating and Rebalancing sessions. According to your needs, the treatments are a combination of acupuncture and Rolfing.  They are characterized by the release of the flow of your vital energy and the rebalancing your body-mind. They can bring about a state of deep stillness in which relaxation and rejuvenation can take place. We have the potential to achieve a deeper level of tranquility within this state of being.  We can become whole, integrated and at peace with ourselves.

The key is to grasp the silence from within and not search for it without.

Tune into your body and, using your inner silence as a guide, find inner peace and tranquillity.

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