A healthy emotional balance is vital for human beings.
It can be generated through an alchemical interplay of the body, mind and spirit.
Human emotions are deeply correlated with the body’s meridian system.
Traditional Japanese Healing Arts (TJHA) can put us in touch with our deepest profound space and help to heal our emotions via the flow of Qi through the meridians.

The Pathology of Emotion

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the body/mind is impressed with the pattern of the meridians and points, and the Five Elements and the Five Spirits.
It holds that emotions emanate from a person’s spirit. When they become extreme or overly prolonged, they create imbalances in the healthy functioning of the person’s Qi.
If one’s Qi is weakened or no longer flowing in a healthy and vital way, emotional imbalance can spread and manifest symptoms on any level of the body, mind or spirit.
Looked at from the viewpoint of TJHA, our emotional metabolism has a cycle of five phases:

  1. Heart―Shen; the emotional centre
  2. Spleen―Digests the emotions
  3. Lung―Lets go of the sentiment
  4. Kidney―Embodies the experience
  5. Liver―Reorients one’s life
According to TCM, food and emotions are both considered transformative processes of energy which metabolize in similar ways.
The spleen is, therefore, important for all phases, and each metabolic step is well regulated by the fullness of the spleen’s Qi.

TJHA’s approach

To maximize the effectiveness of clinical practices, it is critically important to cultivate a direct sense of the flow of Qi energy through your own five senses.
We train you in the practice of sensing and vibrating the innate Qi which is always within and around us, and also resonating and sharing this Qi essence with your clients.
We provide the most appropriate treatment modality for the client’s identified pathology of emotion, including:

  • Japanese acupuncture
  • Shiatsu
  • Zen Stillness
The basic philosophy of TJHA is that we don’t just try to heal our clients’ physical ailments, but care for each of them as a holistic entity – that is, their body, mind, heart and soul.
For you practitioners yourselves, to cultivate a vibrant life-long practice, you need to foster a sense of the deep presence who you profoundly are.
Since spirit is vibration, the way to develop this sense is through the practice of what we call Zen vibration.

We not only teach the theory but also develop and enhance your real-world clinical skills.

We not only introduce you to a variety of the most effective TJHA treatment protocols but also show you how to use them in your clinical practice.

We foster confidence in your clinical abilities through expert guided practice in the best TJHA modalities.