What is Spiritual Beauty® ?

Our “Spiritual Beauty®” treatment reconnects you with the natural rhythms of your inner nature. Our approach is global and takes into consideration your overall health and wellness as well as your outer beauty.
We believe that true wisdom and beauty always comes from within. We aim for our treatments to be the spark which ignites and awakens this process.
We do this by offering a variety of skillful techniques based on both traditional oriental modalities and the most effective western methods, along with a deep sense of the human body/mind’s energy system. Through our treatments your innate Spiritual Beauty starts to naturally arise.

Spiritual Beauty® Treatments

Acupuncture Facial and Rolfing®

Making use of the highest quality and finest needles in the world, Japanese acupuncture has developed its own distinctive style. The technique is gentle and painless, making it ideal for beauty treatments. The ultra-thin needles are delicately positioned on the energy points of the face and areas of muscular relaxation. They stimulate the fibroblast layer which activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers and provide a bright and fresh complexion.

Rolfing® is a kind of deep manual massage work on the Fascia – the layer of connective tissue that surrounds and supports the muscles and bones. It can also induce a state of deep relaxation by means of the very gentle and slow manipulation of the skull and bones of the face. As excess retained fluids are drained and energy blockages cleared, your body’s natural energy circulation is revived and your face becomes more and more youthful-looking and relaxed.

The Spiritual Beauty® Philosophy

健美一如 Health and Beauty are One

“If beauty is a flower, health is its roots.”
“Outer Beauty is a reflection of inner elegance.”

There is a Japanese expression that goes, “健美一如 – Ken bi ichi nyo” (Health and Beauty are one.) This saying encapsulates the essence of traditional Japanese philosophy, that beauty is a reflection of your underlying Health and Wellness.

Our concept is that “beauty treatments” should not deal only with outer appearance but should also help one to harmonize every aspect of one’s health and develop an inner sense of joy and serenity. From this, beauty will flow naturally.

The Art of “Aging Beautifully”

The much-used phrase, “anti-aging,” carries with it the assumption that one should try to resist a natural process that is fundamentally irreversible. It can be seen as profoundly superficial, since the focus is only on the outward appearance of aging.

Aging is not just a process of decline and decay. It’s a holistic journey that also encompasses our physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Instead of “anti-aging,” we believe in taking care of one’s appearance in a natural, holistic way, aimed at revitalizing one’s inner self as well as one’s outer appearance. We believe that true beauty comes from “Aging beautifully” – achieving harmony, balance and health in both one’s inner and outer aspects.

Our “Spiritual Beauty®” treatment is a holistic, effective approach designed to restore both inner health and outer beauty.

Embracing one’s own Wabi-Sabi

Rooted in traditional Japanese philosophy, Wabi-Sabi is not merely an aesthetic principle, but a profound way of life. It teaches us to appreciate the beauty of imperfection and the transience of life. It is a concept that can be applied to all aspects of life, including health, wellness and beauty.

Beauty, as perceived through the lens of Wabi-Sabi, is about embracing our unique selves, with all our imperfections and asymmetries, deep within ourselves as well as on the surface.

As used here, the terms “imperfection” and “asymmetry” are not about missing or lacking anything, but signify the uniqueness of each individual, whether or not they conform to society’s common standards.

Embracing imperfection and finding beauty in the natural state of things can let one’s unique nature bloom to the fullest and become the expression of one’s own inner and outer beauty.

Embracing one’s own Wabi-Sabi is the art of being oneself.
It’s the colors of authenticity, in every life and in every being.
Embrace your own story, and let your own original Spiritual Beauty® unfold. It is uniquely yours.

Naoki & Valérie,
the creator of Spiritual Beauty®

Together, we, Naoki & Valérie, have created an innovative holistic method we call, “Spiritual Beauty®,” an energetic approach which helps our clients “Age beautifully”.
Our “Spiritual Beauty®” treatment system embodies this holistic perspective. It’s a hybrid approach that seeks to restore both inner health and outer beauty.
Every session for each of our clients is completely personalized – as unique to each individual as their signature.
We encourage you to redefine the standards and norms of beauty in a way that is as unique as you are.