• Japanese Acupuncture

    Traditional Japanese Acupuncture is not only gentle and less painful but also very effective for any kind of pain or discomfort.

  • Acupuncture for Sports

    A specialized treatment for all athletes to focus pain relief primarily and support the recovery from injuries as maximize as possible.

  • The HATTORI Special

    A mixture of all Naoki's techniques. Very effective for any kind of pain or discomfort, including stress related issues.

  • Shiatsu + Rolfing®

    A unique integrated therapy that combines Shiatsu for acupressure point stimulation with Rolfing® for myofascial release.

Spiritual Beauty®

  • "If beauty is a flower,
    health is its roots"

    Regarding Beauty, Oriental philosophy considers it to be a reflection of your underlying Health and Wellness, and also a reflection of your inner state of mind – your “Spiritual Beauty.”
    Our concept is that “Beauty treatments” should not only deal with your outer appearance but should also help you to develop an inner sense of joy and serenity.

Comprehensive Acupuncture

Comprehensive treatment that deals with your current pain or disorder by combining acupuncture with the physical manipulation method, Rolfing®.
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Rolfing® sessions work on the fascia (connective tissues) which link up every part of the body, with a focus on improving how the body functions and reconstructing the connection between the body and the mind.
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