Spiritual Beauty®

– As within, so without –

There is a Japanese expression that goes, “健美一如 – Ken bi ichi nyo” (Health and Beauty are one.) Another popular concept in Japan is that, “outer Beauty is a reflection of inner elegance,” especially for people over 40. In many ways, these ideas are similar to the Western metaphysical concept of, “as within, so without.”

Traditional Oriental Medicine believes that people are a reflection of the universe – a microcosm within the macrocosm. There is always an energetic connection between us and all that is around us.

Regarding Beauty, Oriental philosophy considers it to be a reflection of your underlying Health and Wellness, and also a reflection of your inner state of mind – your “Spiritual Beauty.”
With this in mind, our concept is that “Beauty treatments” should not only deal with your outer appearance but should also help you to develop an inner sense of joy and serenity.

If beauty is a flower, health is its roots

Traditional Japanese philosophy says, “If beauty is a flower, health is its roots. Beauty is based on health.”

It is also said that the face is “a mirror of your inner state.”
This means that your face clearly reflects your inner health – physical, mental and spiritual.

In Traditional Oriental Medicine, our internal “organs” are not regarded as just the physical parts of our body, but also various aspects of our energy system that are associated with them.  This means that when your internal organs are fatigued or out of balance, it is reflected on your face, especially at their corresponding acupuncture points.  In this situation, it becomes difficult to balance your skin condition and restore your youthful appearance, no matter how much care is taken.

Thus, the most important thing for maintaining your skin condition and cosmetic beauty is actually to restore your inner balance and health – reflecting outwardly the inner unity of body and mind.

From Anti-aging to Aging Well

The word “Anti-aging” carries with it an assumption that we are trying to resist a fundamentally irreversible process. It is a metaphor for resisting only the appearance of aging.

We believe instead in taking care of your appearance in a natural, wholistic way aimed at revitalizing your inner self as well as your outer appearance.  We believe that true Beauty comes from “Aging Well” – achieving harmony, balance and health in both your inner and outer aspects.

Our “Spiritual Beauty” treatment is an wholistic, hybrid approach designed to restore both inner health and outer beauty. 

Naoki & Valérie,
the creator of Spiritual Beauty®

Together, we, Naoki & Valérie, have created an innovative holistic method “Spiritual Beauty®”, an energetic treatment which helps our clients “age well” and stimulates facial regeneration.
Our constant and long-term research in the field of natural health and beauty has enabled us to develop this sophisticated body-mind, spiritual methodology.
Every session for each of our clients is completely personalized – as unique to each individual as their signature.

Spiritual beauty® treatments

Japanese Acupuncture and Rolfing® for Spiritual Beauty®

Making use of the highest quality and finest needles in the world, Japanese acupuncture has developed its own distinctive style. The technique is gentle and painless, making it ideal for beauty treatments. The ultra-thin needles are delicately positioned on the energy points of the face and areas of muscular relaxation. They stimulate the fibroblast layer which activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers and provide a bright and fresh complexion.

Rolfing® is a kind of deep manual massage work on the Fascia – the layer of connective tissue that surrounds and supports the muscles and bones. It can also induce a state of deep relaxation by means of the very gentle and slow manipulation of the skull and bones of the face. As excess retained fluids are drained and energy blockages cleared, your body’s natural energy circulation is revived and your face becomes more and more youthful-looking and relaxed.

Massage facial japonais KOBIDO with Valérie

Different codified stages, identical to a tea ceremony, break down the massage. Oshibori, hot towels soaked in floral water of Rose, Jasmine, Helichrysum … at the start of treatment, begin relaxation. Very distant from aesthetic massage as we know, it is the hand that is queen, it kneads, stimulates, drains fluidly, slowly, deep, superficial. The rhythms vary and adapt to each face. Ridoki, gua sha, jade roll and facial suction cups are used as needed for your skin.

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The distinctive features of
a series of Rolfing® sessions

In a series of 10 sessions, Rolfing® both treats you and helps you recognize and rediscover your bodily habits-how your body reacts under the force of gravity and the way your fascia is twisted.
The reason we need to understand how gravity relates to bodily alignment is that all human activities, whether sitting, standing, walking or lying down, are performed under its influence and it is the key factor in how our unconscious bodily habits are formed.

Sessions 1-7 were precisely designed by Dr. Rolf in terms of the parts of body treated and the order of treatment, whereas sessions 8-10 are customized by the practitioner for each individual patient.

The main purpose of the series of treatments is to rebalance and realign the whole body and correct improper posture and physical habits. As a result of this, a variety of disorders will be improved.
During the sessions, the practitioner regularly checks the patient’s breathing and way of walking as indicators of their progress and areas still in need of correction. Breath is a vital and continuous life function which can provide valuable feed-back information to the practitioner about the patient’s conscious and unconscious states. As walking upright on two legs is a specifically human activity, it is also very useful for checking the functioning and balance of the whole body.

What is Acupuncture
× Rolfing®?

Rolfing® is a treatment method which corrects improper bodily habits and how the body is used by working on the fascia. As an acupuncturist, however, I also feel strongly that the twisted, stuck fascia is often caused by the condition of the patient’s organs or their overall physical constitution.
This is to say that imbalances in Qi (energy), blood flow, dampness, etc. (the so-called imbalances in the five elements in Chinese medicine) might have led over time to the bodily habits in need of correction.
Everyone was born with their own set of strengths and weakness, and has grown up facing them. The advantage of my treatment system is that I look for the optimal treatment balance for each individual, according to their own characteristics, even in the design of their Rolfing® program.