Rolfing ®

Many people’s bodies and minds have changed by Rolfing.

Come and have a trial session and see what it can do for you.

A full course of Rolfing consists of 10 sessions. However, you might like to try just one session or your situation might change. In such cases, you would not need to take all 10 sessions.

Please feel free to ask for whatever you need.

※The one-time payment for 10 sessions is a discount fee and cannot be refunded.
Rolfing® (approx. 90 mins)Fees (tax included)Per sessionExpiration
Trial Session (Session 1)¥8,100
Session 2〜10 (Pay per session)¥16,200
Session 2〜10 (One-time payment)
※Only available when starting within 1 month of the first session
(Including first session discount)
Post Sessions
※Only available for those who have completed 10 sessions.
(With Naoki or another licensed Rolfer.)


The combination of acupuncture and Rolfing’s Myofascial release makes it possible to deal effectively with symptoms which are usually difficult to treat. 

This technique is especially effective for people who have been suffering from neck or back pain for a long time. Please come and give it a try. We offer special prices for multiple sessions with a book of coupons.

We also treat children and high school students using special tools and gentle techniques which are effective without having a big physical impact. Please feel free to ask us anything related to your children’s growth and development.

Acupuncture(approx. 60 mins)Fees (tax included)Per sessionExpiration
Supplemental first visit fee
(First visits are approximately 80-90 minutes, including a 20-30 minute consultation.)
One session
(Single-session drop-ins need not pay the supplemental first visit fee.)
A book of 4 coupons¥34,560@¥8,6401 year
A book of 10 coupons¥81,000@¥8,1001 year
Children (〜age 15)
50% OFF the above fees
High school students
30% OFF the above fees

Facial Acupuncture

Many clinics offer only facial acupuncture treatments.

As we have a deep clinical understanding of the whole human body, however, we know that facial conditions are often related to the situation of your whole body.

Therefore, we offer reasonable prices for people who would like to have facial acupuncture along with full body treatment.

Since the stiffness of your facial muscles often relates to stress, we would also like to recommend this treatment for men as well as women.

Facial acupuncture added to regular session (+approx. 40 min)Fees (tax included)Total (approx.100 mins)Expiration
One session
(added to regular session)
With book of 4 coupons+¥4,320¥12,960
With book of 10 coupons+¥4,050¥12,150
Facial Acupuncture only¥10,800