The case of of the Zen Stillness Acupuncture

1, What is Zen Stillness Acupuncture 2, Case study 3, まとめ 1.適当にピックアップして、前回の記事から書く。 マインドフルネス鍼灸™とは、私自身の10年以上に渡る気功や瞑想体験を元に、解明されている神経科学による鍼灸の脳への作用をも融合したオリジナルのメソッドであり、心身を本質的に休ませることを目的とした「深い休息」のためのセッションです。 ※鍼灸というネーミングとな ・・read more


Take in and Let go

  “The more that we can ‘open up’ to our environment and at the same time relinquish the things of the past, the more vital and alive we are” quoted in Shiatsu book by Gabriel Mojay. The suns ・・read more



“Someone keeps on calling me. Everything was great dream. Now I know it is a piece of memory.” This is a famous lyric written by Japanese singer-songwriter, Yosui Inoue. When I saw the scene of the picture, i ・・read more


Settling into spring

The more spring arises, the more Yang energy springs up. After the cherry blossom season, the energy has changed to powerful. It is important to balance the energy within us for flourishing throught this season. When you ・・read more

fresh green

Put a spring in your step.

It is well known that the Japanese working culture does not still allow us to take long holidays privately but now we are in a long national holiday called Golden Week. Even during holidays, our clinic is opened as usual ・・read more

静かな海 Tranquil Ocean

Innate Breathing

  Gravity is constantly pulling on us, if our bodies are out of alignment. I release the force of this contraction with  gravity by using a slight traction of the head-neck.  This is maintained and we wait for a cha ・・read more