Headaches and Migraines

Approximately 4% of adults experience headaches nearly every day. Migraine and tension-type headaches are the most common headache disorders. They can result in significant reduction in social activities and work capacity of the sufferers.[1] Acupuncture has long been one of ・・read more

Hip Pain

When people come in with pain in or around their hip joint, I first of all ask them to show me exactly where it is located. Pain in this region can be different for different people, but generally our patients ・・read more


Hormonal shifts are a natural part of life. Hormonal fluctuations keep us in a state of dynamic balance throughout the maturation and aging process. Menopause is the natural end to a woman’s menstruation cycle. It can start as early as ・・read more

Postoperative Pain

In many cases, surgical intervention can be an essential life-saving procedure. With it, many difficult problems can be treated and various types of pain and other symptoms can be alleviated. After an operation, many patients no longer have the pain that ・・read more


Anxiety is very common problem in our society today that affects literally millions of people. It is a reflection of our modern lifestyle, characterized by inordinate amounts of stress, working late, ever present noise and light pollution. Anxiety is a ・・read more

Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint among all mountain sports enthusiasts, such as the mountain runners and skiers who visit Chamonix. The knee is one of the human body’s major weight-bearing joints, and also one of the most frequently injured. ・・read more

Poor Breathing

The simple fact is that most people do not breathe well. Numerous studies have documented the negative effects of poor breathing on our health. When a person doesn’t breathe well, it restricts their body and mind, and induces physical, mental ・・read more