FLOW 流水 Centre of Japanese Therapy

With Valerie JACQUET, I am very pleased to announce the start of “FLOW 流水 Japanese Therapy Centre,” dedicated to the teaching and practice of Traditional Japanese Healing Arts.

Our mission is;

  • To build on and develop the tradition without losing its essence.
  • To pass on the tradition to the next generation.
  • To contribute to the health & wellness of the European and world communities.

We offer instruction in a variety of Traditional Japanese Healing arts. As well as training in the techniques of ancient practices such as Shiatsu, the art of touch and KOBIDO, our training courses give you the key to transform your inner understanding of these arts on an energy level.

Whether you are one of our students or a client, we also provide holistic treatments which harmonize your Body – Emotion – Spirit. We help you find joy and happiness through the improvement of your overall health and wellness, and integration with the natural world outside, and the universe within.