Health, Wellness and Sustainability

I started living in Chamonix in the early summer of 2019.
For the first few months, the town was in the midst of its busy summer high season.
Many hotels, restaurants and bars were full, tourists were enjoying a wide range of outdoor activities and even health and wellness practitioners like myself had all the clients we could manage.
From mid-September, however, everything started to slow down and the town became quieter and quieter.
I also noticed the town becoming more and more peaceful and serene. The people who remained could really start to relax and enjoy the beautiful natural environment of the area.

As the quiet season progressed and the forest leaves turned to their beautiful autumn colors, I became convinced that this peaceful atmosphere itself could make Chamonix an ideal destination for a different type of tourist than the mountain sports enthusiasts who make up such a large part of our summer and winter clientele.

A huge potential exists to provide holistic Health and Wellness experiences in Chamonix

I am referring, of course, to the people we might call, “wellness tourists” – travelers who come to a place in search of peace, serenity and emotional healing, rather than excitement. I am now sure that Chamonix would be a very attractive destination for them, especially during the spring and autumn seasons, when there are fewer tourists.

Moreover, in a holistic wellness framework, being well and doing good are closely connected. We cannot be truly well if our communities and the environment around us are not well.

The wellness community is largely ahead of the curve in having its collective consciousness awakened to the possibilities of making more ethical choices. Wellness pilgrims are realising that the health of the places they are visiting, and their impact upon that health, is an important consideration when seeking venues aligning with their ideals of wellness and sustainability.

– Global Wellness Summit –


I would love to see Chamonix has enough potential to realize future tourism like not only just consumption but also contribution to our health and wellness and environmental sustainability.