The Power of Kampo Phytoactives for Menopause

“健美一如 ― Health and beauty are one.”

Achieving a harmonious balance between your body and mind throughout the menopausal process is essential for maintaining health and beauty.

Traditional Japanese Medicine (TJM) offers a unique method of enhancing beauty by restoring the natural balance of the skin and harmonizing its integrity.

In this blog post, I’d like to explore the connection between health and beauty from a TJM perspective.


Japanese Kampo herbal cosmetics

Achieving true beauty requires a balance between internal health and external care. By incorporating the principles of Traditional Japanese Medicine along with the use of Japanese Kampo herbal cosmetics, you can create a skincare routine that promotes overall well-being and a radiant complexion.

Ipsum Alii is a unique skincare brand which, through the fusion of ancient Japanese herbal wisdom and modern science, has created a line of skincare products that restores balance and respects the environment.

Made in Japan according to the most exacting standards, their products are vegan-friendly and free from harmful chemicals. Ipsum Alii practices minimalism in their packaging as well as their recommended skincare routine, manufacturing in small batches and using 100% recyclable materials.

Ipsum Alii is redefining ‘clean’ and ‘green’ in the beauty industry. Their ‘clean’ and ‘green’ ethos is deeply rooted in their commitment to transparency, learning, and environmental responsibility.

According to Ipsum Alii, their clean ethos is about more than just ingredients. It’s a mindset and a way of life that balances self-care and environmental respect. Their products are made in Japan, are EU law compliant and cruelty-free, and are free from parabens, talc, mineral oil, SLS, SLEs, paraffin, synthetic perfume, and essential oils. The firm is vegan-friendly but open to ethically sourced animal-derived ingredients like honey and beeswax.

The company’s green ethos is about minimalism, both in their packaging and in the skincare routine they recommend. They make their products in small batches in Japan, then fill the containers and pack them in Europe. To simplify their users’ daily routines, they started with just two products. Ipsum Alii’s packaging is made of recyclable PP, PE, and PET, and is designed to protect against bacteria. To complete the ecological cycle, they prioritize recycling, using recycled cardboard for secondary packaging and shipping materials.


The Power of Kampo Phytoactives for Menopause

We often hear from women whose skin’s texture has changed due to hormonal imbalances, and their regular skincare regimen and creams no longer suit them. As menopause progresses, your body undergoes significant shifts, causing your skin to lose its natural elasticity, luminosity, and moisture. While many women turn to mainstream skincare products, which are often laden with chemicals, the real solution lies in harnessing the power of nature’s potent ingredients, especially those rooted in ancient practices.

According to Ipsum Alii’s skincare philosophy, embracing a minimalist skincare routine allows you to focus on essential products that truly benefit your sensitive skin, without overwhelming it with unnecessary ingredients.

Also, their cosmetic products are all enriched with Japanese medicinal herbs (Kampo phytoactives) that possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, etc. These properties can help you maintain skin health and promote balanced complexion.

Based on my years of experience as a practitioner of Traditional Japanese Medicine and my work with numbers of women going through menopause, I believe that Ipsum Alii’s skin care products are ideal for skin that is sensitive due to various factors such as hormonal changes.



Traditional Japanese Medicine offers a unique perspective on enhancing beauty by embracing aging gracefully at all ages, especially during menopause.

Health and beauty are truly interconnected, and Traditional Japanese Medicine offers a holistic approach to achieving both.

Ipsum Alii’s Kampo cosmetics blend ancient herbs and modern thought, making beauty more than skin-deep.

If you’re seeking a natural, holistic approach to enhancing your beauty and recognize that embracing the idea of aging gracefully throughout menopause is an essential aspect of maintaining Health and Beauty, you should consider exploring the benefits of Traditional Japanese Medicine for your skin health journey.