Pre- UTMB® Zen Stillness therapy session with Timothy Olson

I had a great pre-race Zen Stillness therapy session with the famous mountain ultra-runner Timothy Allen Olson , who brings a mastery of Mindfulness to the sport.

Just before a big race, top trail runners like Timothy want to get some of their stressful tension released, while also retaining enough good tension to stay sharp. To accomplish this simultaneous release and retention, my “Zen Stillness” sessions are ideal since they help you rebalance your overall body-mind condition.

During Timothy’s session, I had a clear sense of connection and resonance with him and the earth. Through the session he was definitely able to feel inner silence, stay in a state of deep stillness and resonate with nature. His body-mind is perfect enough to go beyond his limitations. Impossible is Nothing

my “Zen Stillness” sessions create a state of deep body-mind calmness and relaxation. Once tuning us into our inner nature, they can active the body’s self-regulatory system.

Now, the time has come for the start of the 2019 UTMB series. Every runner made a strong effort to get this chance to challenge the UTMB. I hope you will all enjoy the wonderful natural environment here, and that you never stop exploring your potential.
I am looking forward to celebrating you all in Chamonix.