Insomnia with traditional Japanese herbal formulas

Most people spend about one-third of their lives asleep.

Getting a sufficient amount of good quality sleep is essential for our psychological health and making it possible for us to efficiently conduct our daytime activities.
Poor quality sleep has a negative effect on our overall wellbeing and often results in negative consequences in our waking lives, including mood swings, lethargy, and forgetfulness.

Insomnia is a very common condition, with approximately 9-15% of the general population worldwide suffering from its symptoms, which can include having trouble either falling or staying asleep, or waking up prematurely.[1]
Although drugs can play an important role in the treatment of the condition, some patients with chronic insomnia obtain only limited or temporary improvement with medication.[2]
In addition, all of the drugs currently in use have potential side effects, and some can result in long-term dependency.[3]

Faced with the limitations of the standard treatments now available, many people are searching for complementary or alternative ways to treat their insomnia.


Treatment of Insomnia with Kampo Medicine

The use of Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM – which includes both the Chinese and Japanese variants of the system), can be traced back for thousands of years.
The herbal medicines employed by TEAM practitioners are used for the treatment of a wide variety of symptoms and diseases.

Compared with the western medicines used in the treatment of insomnia, the advantages of Kampo medicine as one of the TEAM modalities are the personalization of diagnosis and the diversity of treatment protocols.
A skillful practitioner is able to target the treatment to the unique needs of the individual patient.

Due largely to this potential for effective individualized treatment and the overall lack of harmful side effects, Kampo medicine has attracted widespread attention in recent years as a way to deal with insomnia.


At NAOKI HATTORI Traditional Japanese Therapy, we add traditional Japanese Kampo medicine herbal formulas to our core acupuncture treatment for insomnia when a patient’s symptoms and situation suggest it would be beneficial, leading to a deeper therapeutic effect.

If you are suffering from insomnia, please come and experience the benefits of the traditional Japanese Kampo medicine herbal formulas used as natural sleeping aids.

A better night’s sleep awaits.


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