What is Zen Stillness Acupuncture?

zen stillness


One of my treatments called Zen Stillness Acupuncture helps you go into a state of deep inner silence.
In the sessions, I release the flow of your vital energy and rebalance your body-mind to help you tune in to your own inner nature.
I am able to facilitate your reaching a mental and spiritual state which is similar to the quietness of Zen.

What is Zen Stillness Acupuncture?

Zen Stillness Acupuncture creates a state of deep body/mind calmness and relaxation.
It is realized using the original method I have developed, based on my 15-years plus experience of meditation and Qi-gong, combined with my understanding of the neuroscientific effectiveness of acupuncture on the brain.
It also incorporates elements of craniosacral treatment and another Japanese acupuncture technique called “Teishin” which uses an acupuncture stick rather than needles.

The purpose of this method is to regulate the flow of energy along your meridians, and it can be performed either with or without the use of acupuncture needles, depending on your preference.

During the treatment, you will experience complete stillness, as if your true nature is emerging, or you are returning to your source and resonating with nature.
It becomes possible for you to cut off the ceaseless flow of unnecessary thoughts that come and go without pause in our daily lives.

This complete meditation-like stillness requires deep relaxation of your body and mind for you to reach a state in which you exist “just now.”
With this method, some of my clients have even been able to release chronic pain.

This is natural because the technique works on the part of your brain called the ACC (Anterior Cingulate Cortex) and a brain network string referred to as the DMN (Default Mode Network), both of which are related to the perception of chronic pain.



Q1. What kind of experience did you have with the Zen Stillness Acupuncture treatment?

Q2. If you wanted to explain about Zen Stillness Acupuncture to someone who doesn’t know about it, what would you say? What does Zen Stillness Acupuncture mean to you?


Mr. K

A1. I felt like my body and mind had been completely detoxed. Not only was the muscular tension released from my whole body, but my brain which was thinking too much, was reset. I now feel that I have been able to recover my original balance.

A2. It is a technique which is both old and new, which develops your brain and draws out your original potential. This is especially useful for people like me who own our own companies and are dominated by thoughts.


Mr. U

A1. It was a very mysterious feeling… not really awake but not sleeping either.

A2. It is difficult to explain having had just one experience but but it’s rather like when you go deeper into a meditative state. It must be very helpful if you easily lose your direction when meditating, or find it hard to go into deeper states.


Ms. S

A1. It felt really nice and relaxing… my body seem to be sinking deeper and deeper… It was like I was in a dream.

A2. When doing yoga, you have to actively exercise for 60 minutes before you can lay down and experience the special 10-minute meditative state at the end.  If you don’t have enough time or energy to do that you miss out. On the other hand, Zen Stillness Acupuncture is perfect since you just have to lay down for 60 minutes!